How Can You Find Home Decorators in Your City

Professional help with home decoration is not as expensive as you would imagine. In fact, it can save you money. Interior decorators can source their materials, or they can refer you to suppliers. It saves you time and money in trying to find the right piece of furniture for your home. The suppliers may even have lower prices than other outlets.

 Follow these leads to easily to find home decorators in your city.

  • Ask for referrals. You may know someone who recently had her home redecorated, this may be a relative or even a colleague from work. The best testimonials are from friends and acquaintances who are happy with their home and interior decorations. If you are able to see your friends’ homes and you like what the home decorator did, then ask for the decorator’s number. Alternatively, you can ask your friend to give the decorator a call to introduce you to them.square-1428596092-home-sweet-home-living-room-0515
  • Ask professionals. You might have a friend or relative who is a builder, civil engineer or an architect. You can ask their opinion about your little project, and ask them for the name of a home decorator who is in their phone directory. When an architect refers a decorator, it usually means they think highly of the decorator. The referrers most probably had worked with the decorators before. Take their advice and give the decorators a call.
  • Online Search. You can also use online searches to find a home decorator in your city. Typing in the “home decorator” and your city’s name in a search engine will yield pages of result. Those listed would have their own website or social media pages. Browse through their websites and pages, and see if their work is in line with what you want. You can contact them via the phone or email for an appointment so you can talk about your needs.
  • Social Media. Related to online searches are social media. There are websites dedicated to listings for interior and home decorators. These listings include their contact numbers. Usually, if they have a website, you can look through their portfolio. If they have accounts on social media like Instagram, YouTube and Flickr, they might have pictures of their projects posted. You can browse through their online portfolio and see if they are the right fit.

See Tradeshows and Exhibits

 Home and interior decorators have trade shows. These could be building conventions and exhibits, or even events with associated professionals. Take the time to visit decorating trade shows and exhibits. At these shows you can see the latest trends in home design, furniture’s and upholstery. You can pick up new ideas from the exhibitors. You can also find decorators and discuss with them your needs in a business casual environment.

 If you have a home decoration requirement, the above tips can help you quickly find the right one.  Home decorators are visual artists, and the internet is the perfect venue for their talent and works. Personal contact or third-party referrals also work, but increasingly, visual artists like home decorators are finding their clients online.